It’s All About the Song

It’s All About the Song

Well it's 2016 and I've got a really good feeling about this year. I believe you will hear more from us artists from the 90s. I had to admit I chuckled when I found out my music was now considered "Classic Country"…nothin' wrong with that. I'm gonna really push "Stories and Songs" this year. It's an old fashioned guitar pull featuring well known iconic Candian artists. You can learn more about these concerts by checking out or look for updates on this site. If you'd like to book this show contact

I’ve been writing a lot over the last 6 months with some cool new artists you’ll hear from this year: Jesse Treneer, Brad James, Brooklyn Roebuck, Rebeka Stevens and Amy Rolla, to name a few. The kids are doing well. Josh has started to write and record his first cd? and Katy has been performing quite a bit lately.

I’m just beginning to record a cd ? and I’m pretty excited about my new material. Look for me to post some live performances of these songs. I’m still doing house concerts so If you’d like me to come to your home and perform for your friends let me know. I’ve heard I’m a lot of fun lol.

I hope life kisses your butt this year! Stay in touch 🙂 Jamie

Ps feel free to hug a someone.